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At the PR News Measurement conference last week in Washington DC I was disappointed to discover that 70 percent of the attendees surveyed prior to the event had not heard of the Barcelona Principles.

To see if this was an isolated number from one group, I decided to survey the PR pros who have opted-in to get my Digital PR Tips newsletter each week.  The number was better, but still less than half of the respondents said yes.

Have you heard of the Barcelona Principles

Barcelana Principles

Katie Paine got the same result in an informal survey of attendees at the 2017 PRSA Northeast District Conference, PRXNE.  So that’s the more reliable number.  Still not very good though.

PR Measurement Barcelona Principles

I guess I must be a ‘glass half-empty” kind of girl.  I thought almost half was a dismal number, but I guess we are making progress. Albeit it VERY slowly. (The Barcelona Principles were first published in 2010.)

Here the other key findings from my survey:

  • 74% are measuring their results
  • 71% are using Google Analytics – (that was a very nice surprise.)

The biggest problems with measurement:

– don’t know how to use Google Analytics to measure PR value

–  don’t know what to measure

–  measuring the qualitative value of PR

Google Analytics can be a beast. That’s the reason I worked with Tinu Abayomi-Paul to create the custom PR Measurement Dashboard.  It’s a free download.  You can add it to your Google Analytics Dashboard with just a few clicks.

We do have a Cheat Sheet on what each report measures and why we chose it for this dashboard.

cheat sheet

Google Analytics Dashboard Course

We’re almost done with the full online course on using this dashboard, which should help those who are still confused about how to use Google Analytics to measure PR activity, results and value.  The course will be available June 1, 2017.

You can register now.


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