B2C Influencer Trends in 2018


(78%) of respondents to the Linqia survey reported that influencer content either outperforms their brand-created content (51%) or matches it (27%) in performance.  However, the big challenge is  still measurement and showing ROI.

According to this survey, 75% say they struggle to  measure the results.  This could be because of the preference for engagement metrics rather than harder business performance outcomes.

Which social platforms are getting the most play?

Instagram is the run-away winner at 92% followed by Facebook at 77%. And lo and behold, blogging is not dead after all.  It’s in third place with 71%!

Trend for 2018

The most popular trend identified by this survey is integrating various types of influencers into one strategy – A-list, celebs and micro-influencers.

This requires some skill. Not everyone is well connected to the top tier influencers, can reach out to thousands of micro- influencers at the same time and measure results in both engagement and hard numbers

When this is done right, the results can be nothing short of spectacular.