Content Strategy Challenges for Digital Marketers

Digital PR Chat Brandon

The next #DigitalPR chat on Twitter is Friday April 1, 2016

Time: 10 am Pacific and 1 pm Eastern.

Topic:  Content Marketing Challenges- strategy, planning, content creation and distribution

Guest:  Brandon Andersen, Chief Strategist Ceralytics.  Previously Marketing Director for Cision. @andersenology

Here are the questions I’ll be asking Brandon:

Q1:  Can you define strategy and tactics as it applies to content marketing.

Q2:  How does a brand set goals for their content? What are the desired outcomes?

Q3:  The 3 biggest content challenges are: lack of resources,  increase in content, maintaining quality. Do you agree?

Q4:  70% of marketers lack a consistent or integrated content strategy – how should a brand start on strategy?

Q5: CMOs at big tech cos say content marketing competency 2nd only to measuring ROI. Why so few with a strategy?

Q6:  How do you know what content will resonate with your audience?

Q7:  How do you know what content works and where the gaps are?

Q8:  Is using Google Analytics to track content effectiveness enough? What else can you use?

Q9:  Tell us about your new project (Ceralix)– what it is and what it does.

Mark this date on your calendar and join us on the chat.

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