3 Reasons PR Pros Should Embrace Analytics

A businessman or an employee is drawing an analytics optimisation chart on the glass screen in a modern panoramic office in New York.


Finding insights that drive action, and communicating these nuggets of information to the right people, is one of the most important parts of analytics. Yet it remains one of the biggest challenges.  PR pros could be champions at analytics because they already have the skills others find so challenging:

Content Analysis.  PR practitioners have been doing this forever. We know how to analyze a piece of content and look for the important and hidden factors.  We can do this with data just as easily, once we know where to look and what we’re looking for.

Communicating with others. This is a core PR skill, but it’s one of the most difficult aspects for an analyst.  They’re whiz-kids at the numbers, but not so good at communicating their findings.

Storytelling.  We know how to take information and weave it into a compelling story so that the person who hears it really gets the message. If we’re savvy and smart, we also know how to use visuals to tell the story for quick and easy understanding.

I’d venture to bet that it’s way easier to teach PR practitioners to use Google Analytics to find the data than it is to teach an analyst to dig out the insights and communicate them to the relevant team members so they can be used to drive strategy and results.

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