Internet Marketing, Social Media and CGM Attracting the Dollars

Senior marketers expect spend for new media and online initiatives to increase in the next year despite the poor economy

The sixth annual PRWeek/Manning Selvage & Lee (MS&L) survey by Millward Brown polled 252 U.S. chief marketing officers, VPs of marketing and marketing directors and managers, focused on digital and consumer generated media, marketing ethics and the role of public relations in the marketing mix.     

Their findings show that despite weakened economic conditions over 75% of senior marketers expect spending for new media and online initiatives to increase in the next year.

The one thing marketers overwhelmingly agree on is that they would “most likely” cut from other disciplines before turning to digital if forced to scale back budgets as a result of poor economic conditions in this order. 

·         Advertising (35%)

·         Point-of-sale marketing (29%)

·         Public relations (16%)

·         Direct marketing (16%)

·         Digital (4%)

CGM is the marketing discipline seen as the top priority over the next 6-12 months by nearly three in ten (28%) despite its relative newness. Marketers view CGM as a tool for supporting brand and reputation:

  • CGM is important for creating brand awareness (68%)

  • Building brands (64%)

  • Being perceived as an innovator (60%)

  •  43% say CGM ties to ROI and is important to sales