CIPR State of PR in 2014

CIPR state of pr

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK has released their 2014 State of the Profession report. You can see the full report here One of the areas I was particularly interested in is how the profession sees their skill level.  65% say they are satisfied that they have the appropriate skills and knowledge required at the current time.  Only 1 in 6 says they have … [Read more...]

PR Measurement – What to Measure

AMEC Framework

  Yesterday I was the guest on the #measurepr Twitter chat. Here are the questions and answers, with some expanded content. Q1. What outputs, outtakes and outcomes must you measure, and how can you tie them to the bottom line? Answers: Let's first define what these terms mean: Output: The actions you take, the product you create and distribute. (releases, … [Read more...]

Social Media Metrics for Small Business

Man analyzing financial data and charts on computer screen

  2014 is almost upon us and many businesses are doing their planning for next year. One of the areas of concern to small businesses is how to measure their social media activity. Here are few suggested metrics: Activity on each social platform: Most small businesses have limited time and resources. If you know which social network is getting the most activity it … [Read more...]

Martha Stewart’s Blogger Blunder

It would seem that the right hand does not know what the left hand is up to over at Martha Stewart Living. And that Martha herself doesn't quite get social media and blogging. I'd bet real money that there has been some gnashing of teeth this week by the PR department/PR agency that handles Martha Stewart. Martha had some strong comments about bloggers, yet her PR folk pitch … [Read more...]