Twitter is Getting Ready to Woo Journalists

Twitter is already playing a large part in the news industry: it's where many people find breaking news and it's where journalists go to locate sources close to a breaking story. And they want to do more. They recently posted this job opening: Twitter is playing an integral role in the evolution of the news industry — both as a tool for reporters and newsrooms and as a way … [Read more...]

Social Media Training Gap: 50% of Companies are Ill-Equipped

According to a 2012 study conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Ipsos ASI and Bloomberg, there is a skills gap in business use of social media.  While the majority of businesses are using social media, only 6% say their social media skills and competencies are optimal.  A full 50% claim to be either below their industry average or feel they are … [Read more...]

Enterprises Struggle To Measure Social Media ROI

SM Measure ROI

Our recent study of the top companies across several categories revealed that on average just over 80% are using some form of social media. Yet another study shows that most have not figured out how to calculate a return on that investment. According to a Hypatia Research report, "Benchmarking Social Community Platform Investments & ROI," only 40% of companies measure … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News

A Social Media Policy Can Prevent Damage to Reputation Asian businesses are finding that there is risk in social media - "potential reputational damage" due to the disclosure of confidential business or inappropriate information on social media channels. A  social media policy can help keep employees on track.  It's about setting the tone for the way you do business and … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News

Google News Custom

Customize Your Google News Content Based on Search Queries Google News users are familiar with the color-coded categories on the left side bar. These categories include Top Stories, World, Business, Sports, etc. Now, Google News is giving you the ability to customize your categories based on a search query. Read the article>> The Need to Define Success You … [Read more...]