Why the Quality Content Bar is now 10X


  Watch the video An excellent explanation of how to research and create the kind of content that Google loves.  Note his comment about how visual content can make the difference.  There are several ways you can increase the quality of your content.  See the Google Quality Checklist. Digital PR is about writing for the web, keyword research, SEO, visual content and … [Read more...]

Google Confirms Quality Update

pamda 2015

Google has acknowledged and confirmed that the "Phantom Update" many publishers suspected had occurred in May is real.  The update is about how Google assesses content quality and there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals. So alhtough it is not strictly a Panda update - it is related to quality of content. Quality Content … [Read more...]

Why SEO is a Vital PR Skill


After 10 years the majority of companies and organizations still aren't offering the media the content they need and want. "SEO is the most underused skill and strategy in the PR industry."  Lisa Buyer, author of Social PR Secrets.   DOWNLOAD THE GOOGLE QUALITY CHECKLIST HERE Google checklist (1) … [Read more...]

Google and Our World of Search in 2014

Searching Google 2014

By Cokey Falkow In the world of Digital Public Relations and Marketing we are apt to become cynical fast. What is it about the new face of the web? Why is it so powerful? What has changed in the world? The answer is everything, and nothing. The world has changed, sure... the only constant is change. But the way we search for things, the way we consume information and … [Read more...]

Digital PR and the Google Penguin

penguin no background

PR pros are not all convinced that SEO is a skill they need to master. However, as content marketing gains popularity,SEO becomes more and more important. The more content there is on the web, the more difficult it is to find what you're looking for. Content marketing isn't a new idea for PR.  We've been doing this forever. Corporate magazines, thought pieces, by-lined … [Read more...]