#DigitalPR Twitter Chat with Katie Paine


This DigitalPR chat took place on Friday, February 26, 2016. Our guest today on the #Digital PR Twitter chat is Katie Paine. You can follow her on Twitter @queenofmetrics Q1: 13 years ago Don Bartholomew said he hoped to see holistic PR measurement being used. Is that occurring? “Don Bartholomew’s blog, MetricsMan, was a must-read for anyone trying to understand and … [Read more...]

DigitalPR Chat #1 Content and KPIs


On February 5, 2016 Meritus Media Inc launched the #DigitalPR Twitter chat.  Our first guest was Rebecca Lieb, strategic advisor, research analyst, author and columnist.  I asked Rebecca questions based on her recent research report for Altimeter Group about content, measurement and KPIs: Q1:   Why are marketers finding measurement to be the single most formidable content … [Read more...]

Data’s Greatest Value for PR Lies in Planning

Social Media Iceberg

A recent study by Hotwire launched during AMEC’s measurement week shows that senior execs now rank planning as the prime use of data and analytics. More than half (51%) use data to inform future plans and strategies, providing PR campaigns with crucial insight up-front rather than at the end. Only 1 in 4 (28%) use data to gauge the success of past social media and PR … [Read more...]

Cision’s New Digital Reach Measurement Tool

Analyze Beta 1 (3)

  PR measurement is changing - there's no doubt about that. Maybe not as quickly as many of us would like, but PR pros and agencies are more aware of the need to measure reach accurately and determine the impact of news content. The tools available are constantly striving to find better ways to figure out and report more accurate numbers. Cision recently released … [Read more...]