Working with Influencers #ViralChat Q&A

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#viralchat is a Twitter chat hosted by Post Planner on Thursday at 9 pm ET. Last night's  topic was working with influencers.  Here are the questions and my expanded answers. Q1:  Why are influencers important to a business wanting to grow a Twitter presence? A1:  Let's first define an influencer - if you have influence it means that you can create an effect, you can … [Read more...]

Blogs Create CEO Thought Leadership

Blog Business Summit shows the wayThere are many good examples of people who have found an audience and become thought leaders in their field with a blog.Brian Carroll of Start with a Lead is one.Matt Blumberg is anotherMany corporate communication departments have serious reservations about blogging - but the fact is that the blogosphere is alive and growing every day.  … [Read more...]