Make Your Website a Tool to Grow Your Business

how to grow your business with a website

    There are 28.8 million small businesses in the US, which account for 99.7% of US businesses. (Source: SBA Gov 2016)  Just over half of them (54%) have a website. (Hard to imagine why the other half don't!)  There are thousands of web design companies out there offering to make or update your site. If your company has a website, or is considering … [Read more...]

Why Small Businesses Need PR

SMB week 1

  Every small business owner is concerned about the bottom line.  How to make more sales, be more productive, cut costs and increase the ROI.  That, after all, is what business is all about - profit. In this  drive to make a profit the focus tends to get stuck on marketing, sales, production and income.  Of course those things have to occur. However, there is another … [Read more...]

News Search vs Web Search

Small businesses need to learn how to leverage bothThose Yahoo! Small Business survey results prompted me to look into how niche and specialty small businesses were doing in the search game.Dollhouse Properties put out a press release promoting their new miniature and Barbie dollhouses.  Definitely a specialty item - and one that is getting a high number of searches right … [Read more...]

Small Businesses Set to Score Big In Online Holiday Shopping Spree

Web Marketing Strategy Helps Small Businesses Be Found OnlineAccording to the Yahoo! Small Business survey conducted by Harris Interactive about where Americans intends to spend their holiday dollars, 80 percent said they will buy online.  Nearly two thirds (63 percent) said online small business specialty or 'niche' retailers are the "best places" to … [Read more...]