How to Improve Your Media Coverage

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Media Relations is a core part of PR and can be one of the trickiest. A colleague of mine is a master of TV placements, both local and national. She gets calls from big agencies all the time because their teams can't book segments like she can. What's the secret?  Well, a large part her success is relationships.  It is, after all, called Media Relations. What if you don't … [Read more...]

9 Must-Have Online Newsroom Features

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2020 Update:  these 9 features are still best practices for an online newsroom.  If you do not yet have a digital asset hub that houses your images and videos, this is vital. Make it a priority in 2021. The 2015 State of Online Media Newsrooms highlighted 9 areas where companies, both large and small, are missing opportunities.  Here is the checklist.  Use it to evaluate … [Read more...]

Online Newsroom Report 2013 – Free Webinar

2013 Online Newsroom report

    The disparity between what the media wants and what companies provide in their online newsroom is a little better this year than last. Only 15% of the PR practitioners polled by SNCR and PRESSfeed said they felt that their newsroom definitely met the needs of the media. That's a sad state of affairs! Here some of the key findings of the 2013 … [Read more...]

5 Media Relations Strategies that Help Get Your Brand Story Published

Remember the days when we read the newspaper over a cup of coffee every morning and watched the evening news on TV? We were quite happy to get our news just once a day. That’s no longer the case. Now we expect to see eye-witness accounts of events as they are occurring. This appetite for instant visual news has changed the way news is gathered, reported and consumed. While … [Read more...]

PR 2.0 What Works?

I caught up with Greg Jarboe at Search Engines Strategies in Chicago a few weeks ago and asked him what PR people should do in 2010. Here is his advice: What used to work doesn't work anymore and you need new skills. Learn to optimize news content Master social media Learn to do video marketing - not VNRs, but really good story telling Be real Be credible Be … [Read more...]