#DigitalPR Chat 2/12 Visual Content

phone photography 2

  Every Friday we do a Twitter chat on #DigitalPR.  This week's topic was visual content and how to improve your smartphone photography so you can take and make original images. Our guest was Mike Falkow, creative director for Meritus Media and Studio98.  You can follow him on Twitter @mikefalkow or visit his site http://www.mikefalkow.com Here are the questions and … [Read more...]

Digital Image Tips

images get more engagement on Facebook

  We are visual creatures. Our brain responds to images much faster than to text – a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Research shows that when you have text and images on a screen, retention of the message is increased by 42%. We also know that posts with images on sites like Facebook and Twitter are getting way more response. How to take a great … [Read more...]