Ask Jeeves Loses Mascot

For Self-service Niche SearchThe newest online branding face-lift drops the butler with new logo; Ask Jeeves becomes—reports toptechnews.  Here is an example of the power of the Internet user and how one company responded.  Recognizing that internet users have become more comfortable using keyword search over the last decade, Ask Jeeves has retired their … [Read more...]

Brands, Blogs and Search

Trends in 2006A recent article cites several trends with respect to internet branding. One of the more telling trends is that marketers are increasingly turning to the internet for branding.  BtoB print publications will continue to lose more readers and advertisers to the web while online branding, blogs and search/PR will get more marketing dollars. With the … [Read more...]

Internet Branding

Top of the heap or total oblivionA recent study of some 10,000 top business websites worldwide cites two main reasons for e-commerce failure: lack of a unique selling proposition—vital to avoid the risk of being commoditized; and, lack of a simple, unique, one-of-a-kind, globally protected brand identity—key to prevent being lost in oblivion among the millions of … [Read more...]

The Search is Over

Google wins in 2005Google takes the lead over Apple in the latest study by with eBay’s VoIP newcomer Skype inching ahead of Starbucks for the number three slot.  Google is a pure internet branding success that could never have been predicted 5 years ago.  I think how Skype came in under the radar on the wings of eBay to emerge at the number … [Read more...]

Online Branding

Click-through on the declineBoy, isn’t it great to be able to track to the penny how ineffective your online paid advertising is?It is unfortunate that companies are not being properly advised about what is really takes to do business online—and that branding plays a big part in this.Case in point is a recent article I came across which talks about the lack of … [Read more...]