Influencer Marketing – Owned or Earned?

Influencer marketing owned media

Influencer marketing  is no longer some edgy new technique..According to an eMarketer study 86 percent of marketers used this strategy in the last year and most marketers are looking to double their investment in 2017. That's because they see results. 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference. (Source) On average, … [Read more...]

3 Pillars of Success in Digital Marketing

Flying blind digital

The 2015 State of Digital Marketing report by Smart Insights says that to succeed in this field you need three pillars: Digital Strategy: According to this report 50% of companies have no digital marketing strategy at all. This is indeed the first step - without a strategy you are flying blind. And without a strategy you're unlikely to be producing the quality content … [Read more...]

Earned Media Tip #7: Use Offline Events for Content

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This post is part of the series of 10 tips to increase earned media You can find links to all the posts in the series in the right-hand column of the blog. At the core of earned media is great content.  You have to offer the reporter, editor or blogger something that they value - content that will help them interest or entertain their readers/viewers.  Media is all … [Read more...]

Earned Media Tip # 6: Connect with a Like-Minded Community

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This is number 6 in the Earned Media Series Tapping into a community that supports your activities, aligns with your mission, or uses your product, is an obvious way to increase earned media mentions. Rosetta Stone did it very successfully with AARP.  After doing a social audit Rosetta Stone discovered that people over 50 regard learning a new language as a way to … [Read more...]

Use Multimedia to Tell Stories

PR News mulit media press release

PR Newswire recently took a look at how press releases sent on the wire perform in terms of number of views.  The stats are quite revealing: Need I say more?  Adding multimedia to your press releases, articles and blog posts will give you a remarkable bump in views. And since that's the goal of content, it's truly amazing to me that only 55% of the PR folk recently … [Read more...]