New Twitter Rules Good for Brand Storytelling


  Twitter rules have always restricted content to 140-characters. We've all learned to write short, pithy comments making every character count. There have been changes in the Twitter look and feel over time, but the character count has always been the main feature. Last week Twitter announced some new rules that relax the character count.Thankfully the rumors that … [Read more...]

Why Brands are Adopting the Digital Newsroom Approach

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We live in a social media world.  People find their news and information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  So why should a brand bother with creating their own newsroom?  Isn't it enough to have your content posted on all your social accounts? Not really. When the media or the public find a piece of content in social media they're likely to follow a link back to your … [Read more...]

Using Social Media to Build a Personal Brand

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"We still don't care about your personal brand"  tweeted one of the social media thought leaders  yesterday and that set me thinking: does anyone care? I guess many people won't care.  But I know people who want to do business with you, or hire you, definitely  care. So how can you improve your online presence and build up a good network?  Start with a plan.  Random acts … [Read more...]

Engagement – the new ROI?

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The term 'engagement' is popping up all over the place. Using social media channels as a broadcast medium won't get the result you're after.   Engagement is the key to success. According to the Alterian “Annual Survey 2009” report Are You Ready to Engage? the maturity of digital and social media requires integration of marketing strategies. Marketers must move from a … [Read more...]