So Corporate Blogging is Dead? Think Again!

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An article in USA Today says RIP Corporate Blogging. According to a study by UMASS fewer companies in the Fortune 100 and INC 500 are maintaining their blogs. I hope that these companies don't have any women customers.  The recent BlogHer survey of 2000 women in the  US found that women regard blogs as their most trustworthy source of information and advice. Blogs beat out … [Read more...]

Building A Simple Social Media Dashboard with iGoogle


When you start monitoring social conversations it takes a while to figure out which words and phrases return the most relevant content. There are many excellent subscription tools available, but until you have narrowed down your search terms and brand terms, it's a smart idea to use a free tool. iGoogle is one easy-to-create and easy-to-use dashboard.  Here's how to do … [Read more...]

Are You Keeping Up with the Digital Journalists?

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In their 2011 State of the Media report Pew Research highlights the fact that the media landscape is still in flux – consumers decide what news they want to get and how they want to get it.  Each new technological advance adds another layer of complexity.  In 2010 digital news media, like AOL and The Daily, hired almost as many people as were laid off from traditional … [Read more...]

More People Getting Their News Online

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Another finding from the Pew Generations Report that is of particular interest to PR people is that  more people over the age of 34 are  getting their news online.  And that goes all the way up to the over 74 year-olds now. How they find the news and what they do with it has changed radically too, says this report. "Information is now portable, personalized, and … [Read more...]