Digital Image Tips

images get more engagement on Facebook

  We are visual creatures. Our brain responds to images much faster than to text – a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Research shows that when you have text and images on a screen, retention of the message is increased by 42%. We also know that posts with images on sites like Facebook and Twitter are getting way more response. How to take a great … [Read more...]

Digital PR Weekly Round Up


Each week I publish interesting items I found during the week. Tagging Facebook Brand Pages This week Facebook announced a change that allows one brand page to tag another in a post, just as you tag your friends in a post. It’s a way to extend your audience with a tagged 'shout out' to another brand. When you do this your post will be seen by the fans of the page you have … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Instagram

social sits by use 2013

By Cokey Falkow If you are involved in digital PR or marketing Instagram is on your radar. The just-released study from L2 shows that Instagram is now in the top five social sites used by brands. How can you utilize Instagram to maximum effect? Here are few tips:  1. Train your team to create high quality, interesting visual material What is their eye like? And … [Read more...]

Mapping the Brand’s Social Graph

Mapping a brand's social graph

This is the first in a series that expands on the skills of a Digital PR Agency Public Relations practitioners are familiar with the concept of identifying and building relationships with stakeholders.  (Anyone who might have a material impact on your business.) Social media has extended the reach and influence of your stakeholders – they’re on Facebook, Twitter and … [Read more...]

The Digital PR Agency


  Thirteen years ago when I urged PR agencies to start learning digital skills I ran into a hefty dose of skepticism. Seven years ago when we launched Social Media Club very few PR agencies were interested.  Even three years ago it was a hard sell.  Now almost  every PR agency claims that they are up to speed and able to deliver digital PR and social media.  And clients … [Read more...]