2015 Media Trends and State of Online Newsrooms

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DOWNLOAD THE FULL INFOGRAPHIC OF THE FINDINGS The 2015 Media Trends and Online Newsrooms report was released this week during a webinar hosted by Sally Falkow, President of PRESSfeed and a Sr. Research Fellow with the Society for New Communication Research, a new media think tank based in Palo Alto, CA. Her guests on the webinar were Wendy Marx, President of Marx … [Read more...]

Visual Content Will Rule in 2015

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As the year draws to a close we're all thinking about 2015.  How much of your content plan is visual?  Research shows conclusively that an image or photograph is the most engaging content on Facebook, garnering an 87% interaction rate from fans.  Adding a photo to your to tweets can boost re-tweets by 35%.  If your team is not yet conversant with the latest visual content … [Read more...]

State of the News Media 2013

The 2013 State of the News Media report has good news and bad. The  bad news is that the media is still hurting.  Newsroom staff is down 30% from 2000 - in fact there are fewer than 40,000 full-time professional employees in media newsrooms for the first time since 1978.  Nearly one-third of consumers surveyed by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in … [Read more...]