Social Media Intelligence Can Boost the Bottom Line

social media intelligence

Social media intelligence is the art and science of gathering data about online conversations so that you can use that information to improve your content creation and deliver more value to your audience.   Back in 1999 The Cluetrain Manifesto stated that markets are conversations, and that the Internet is enabling conversations that were simply not possible in the era of … [Read more...]

How Consumers use Social Media During Purchase

Are you still wondering just how to integrate social media into your marketing mix? "While marketers understand the importance of managing their brands online, there's still uncertainty as to the proper weight to put behind digital media channels, especially social media, to optimize return on investment," says Chip Lister, Managing Director of Radius GMR. A new study … [Read more...]

Who is Using Social Media – Demographics Report

Pew has released a report  on the demographics of social media users.  While the largest user  segment overall is young adults, as we have often said, each social site has its own community of users and the demographics do vary. The report has sections for most of the major social platforms. Read the Full report >> Connect with me Facebook Twitter … [Read more...]

4 Biggest PR Challenges

It's very rewarding to discover that the key challenges identified by a global study of 4500 PR leaders in 23 countries align with my 2013 strategies post. The Cross Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communication Management conducted by the Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at The University of Alabama highlighted the four most important … [Read more...]

Execs Not Using Social Media at Board Level Strategy

Stanford University’s Rock Center for Corporate Governance, in conjunction with The Conference Board, surveyed more than 180 CEOs, senior executives, and corporate directors on what they know about social media and how they use it in their businesses. The Social Media Disconnect The report titled "What Do Corporate Directors and Senior Managers Know about Social … [Read more...]