Getting to Know Your Customers

get know customers

    Did you know that the fourth Thursday of each quarter is Get to Know Your Customer Day?  So that's today! And why should we learn more about our customers?  Well, without them we have no business.  That ought to be reason enough. And now that technology is shifting the power from brands back to customers, there are new ways to learn just about … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Is Going To The Feeds

RSS is fast becoming the backbone of the webThis article is excellent and ended my writing hiatus..."This change is permanent: Marketing your website without taking advantage of RSS feeds will be the biggest mistake you can make in 2006 and beyond. ... The change is happening now and it will be permanent. RSS will eclipse email lists and it will be the new defacto method … [Read more...]

Internet Stock Could See 27% Growth in 2006

Top Financial Analysts Maintain EstimateNow I’m not “going there” with respect to joining the ranks of financial analysts. I will leave that to the experts.What I do want to suggest is that this report validates what many of us in the online PR arena have been saying: Online Branding is Important. And, coming out of such a conservative subject as financial … [Read more...]


The Brand is in the NameA new Lexicon Branding Survey indicates that Internet domain names ending in .com are no longer the only viable option for companies doing business on the web.According to the study “…. In terms of actual usage today, people just don't care about the word on the right side of the dot. What really matters is the actual name of the company or … [Read more...]

Online Branding

Web 2.0 StyleI was looking over a BusinessWeek online article today that looks at how Internet investing is challenging the established media and how users are taking more and more control - and are beginning to even define brand.Here’s and excerpt: "…YOUR NEWS, YOUR WAY.  The new business model begins with a platform and set of user tools based on Web … [Read more...]