News Content – Where are we headed?

Newspapers in the Internet Age

This has been a week full of stories about newspapers - both offline and online The Newspaper Association of America announced that traffic to newspaper websites  increased 10.5 percent in the first quarter of 2009 attracting an average of 73.3 million monthly unique visitors. When asked about plans for mainstream news websites to charge for content Rupert Murdoch said  … [Read more...]

Answer the Social Media Phone!

Image by TJ Scenes Speaking today at the Canadian Social Media Summit, David Alston of Radian6 pointed out to the audience that the decision to get involved in social media is not yours to make - it ’s a fait accompli. Your customers signed you up. “Why aren’t you answering the social media phone - it’s already ringing. It’s probably hidden in a closet so you can’t hear … [Read more...]

Cluetrain Manifesto Ten Years On

Cluetrain Manifesto 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago four wise men wrote a manifesto with 95 theses in it. The Cluetrain had a lot to say about how companies were failing to recognize the need people have to connect - with each other and with employees inside companies. #92 in the Manifesto says: Companies are spending billions of dollars on Y2K. Why can't they hear this market time bomb ticking? The stakes are … [Read more...]

Corporate Social Media Policy

A few years ago blogging policy was on the minds of corporate communicators - now it’s a corporate social media policy that’s got their attention. Telstra, a major Australian telecom company recently set down guidelines on the use of Facebook, Twitter and similar websites by its employees. “Hopefully organizations are beginning to understand that employee use of social media … [Read more...]

Do You Have Your Ear to the Groundswell?

Social Media is indeed causing a sea change in how we connect, how we access information and our ability to reach out to others. This week several celebrities and mainstream media outlets raced to be the first  Twitter user to get 1,000,000 followers.  Ashton Kutcher won.  CNN was second.  Oprah featured Twitter on her show and started tweeting.  In just a few days she’s got … [Read more...]