Ignore Influencers in Online Communities at Your Peril

  Image by Orange Beard   Back in 1940 Paul Lazarsfeld did extensive research on the effects mass media had on people.  In contrast to the commonly held idea that the media had a strong influence on most people, Lazarsfeld’s team discovered that in fact some people receive more information and influence others. Some members of the public have more exposure to media, have … [Read more...]

Young Opinion Elites an Important Audience for Businesses

Trust in media and experts back upThe ninth annual Edelman Trust Barometer shows the United States is experiencing the widest divide between business and government in the survey’s nine-year history. 58% say they trust business to do what’s right, an all-time survey high. Only 39% trust the government. Imagine that!Twenty-five-to-34-year-old opinion … [Read more...]

Social Media Influence

Only 10 percent are influencers or opinion leaders. It takes time, commitment and an ability to communicate to be an influencer. The concept of opinion leadership - that 90 percent of the world is influenced by the other 10 percent - came out of a study conducted by Lazarsfeld, Berelson and Gaudet.back in 1944. Finding these influencers is the search for that 10% and has … [Read more...]

The Internet Influences Movie Goers, Says Google

More than one third say the Web is the most influential medium in their decision to see a movieNo big surprise here.  Movies, like pretty much everything these days, is influenced by web content.One third of moviegoers turn to the Internet to learn more about a movie release after first hearing about it elsewhere49 percent of moviegoers who actively research a movie after … [Read more...]