Why Video is Vital in 2023

video trends 2023

By Cokey Falkow, Content Strategist for Meritus Media     Way back when the Internet first started it was almost exclusively text content.  It was restricted by the bandwidth available. But being that we are a visual species, the desire for visual content drove the development of greater and greater bandwidth. Back in 1995 predictions were made that in 20 … [Read more...]

Audience Analytics and Tracking – The PR Secret Sauce

audience tracking analytics

  One for the most exciting tools available to PR and  marketing pros is audience analytics and tracking.  These tools gather data on your audiences - who they are, where they hang out, who they talk to, what trends they follow, what interests them right now, where they get their news and information, and who influences them. This is not a new function of PR or … [Read more...]

Visual Content Trends for 2023

design trends 2023

  Visual content has been an important part of any brand, marketing or promotional campaign since cave dwellers etched stories of their conquests on the walls of their homes. It’s part of our DNA – even kids will pick up a crayon and draw on the walls if they’re left alone long enough. Our ideas are more effectively communicated when accompanied by images, a thousand … [Read more...]

PR Tips and Hacks for a Small Business

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WATCH THE REPLAY HERE   I was invited to be a panelist on the Designhill webinar about PR for small businesses today.  It was like "Old Home Week" with panelists I've known for many years and shared a stage with at many conferences. So, it was a great opportunity for the attendees to get advice from a group of PR experts. And we had fun. These are the questions … [Read more...]