Men Closing the Social Media Gap

  I am sure this is no big surprise, but two recent studies have found that women are more active in social media than men. I can already hear the comments about how women love to chat and share. But the disparity between the sexes is closing - after fairly slow growth over the past few years 2013 has seen a sudden surge in men using social networks, according to Pew … [Read more...]

Blogs are Better Business Drivers Than Social Sites

Image by FoxTongue   A recent study “Harnessing the Power of Blogs,” (sponsored research by BuzzLogic and conducted by JupiterResearch, a Forrester Research company) found that blogs can have more impact on purchase decisions than social networks. Social networks help people connect, but blogs create a conversation and become a trusted resource that influences … [Read more...]

Moms of different ages use the Net differently

Gen X and Gen Y focus on different activities onlineImage: StriaticGen X is the generation born between 1965 and 1980 (depending on your source)Generation Y moms were born between1982 (Millenials) and 1994. Both Generation X and Generation Y moms view the internet as a must-have tool for finding child-rearing information, but there is a marked difference in their … [Read more...]

Digital Future

Users see the Net as a more important info source than traditional media80- percent of users 17 and older consider the Internet to be an important source of information, says USC's 2008 Digital Future Report ..  68 percent rated it higher than TV, 63 percent preferred the Net to radio and 63 percent rated it better than newspapers as … [Read more...]