Search Engine Optimization – Position Zero and Featured Snippets

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  By Franki Falkow, Content Director, Meritus Media.   Google’s number one position in search results has long been a coveted position, but, when it comes to SEO, zero is the new number one. Google has a specific set of content guidelines that change regularly. It’s important to be aware of their latest updates and requirements, so your content is found … [Read more...]

SES San Jose: How to get on page one of Google

7 proven ways to get organic search visibility - and one that was overlooked Image: Danard Vincente This was a sponsored session with Shawn Moore from, a Vancouver SEO and web design firm. Google has been quite open about what they regard as relevant in a website and what's needed to get good search engine visibility. Here are the 7 proven ways Shawn … [Read more...]

SES San Jose 2006: RSS enabled news content featured by PRESSfeed

PRESSfeed’s syndicated news system for online press releases positively affects search resultsThe Internet has changed the way people access news. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project 50 million Americans get their news online and news search engines like Yahoo News and Google News are in the top 10 news and media websites along with MSNBC,, USA … [Read more...]

Broadband makes video news releases an online PR option

Tagging video files can bring search engine visibilityVideo News releases have long been a staple of PR.  Online news engines and aggregators have lured many readers to the Internet.Now the rapid adoption of broadband and the 'always-on' digital lifestyle is making onlime video viable."The broadband Internet is becoming an important, if not exclusive, … [Read more...]

Online Branding and Search Engine Visibility Marketing

Predicted to be a Top-10 Strategy for 2006This article covers many emerging e-marketing technologies and predicts the top-10 for 2006. There is no doubt in my mind that the future of internet branding does depend on the "write once, publish many" paradigm and the ability to manage, parse, and publish content for multiple outputs and devices. It is also clear … [Read more...]