PR Trends 2011: Reputation Management and Crisis Plans

The availability of easy online publishing tools has given everyone a voice and the power to reach an audience. This can be a very positive thing, what with fans, evangelists and brand ambassadors helping to spread the word. On the other hand it opens the door to greater risk and the need for constant vigilance, as inaccurate information and bad news can spread rapidly … [Read more...]

Do You Have Your Ear to the Groundswell?

Social Media is indeed causing a sea change in how we connect, how we access information and our ability to reach out to others. This week several celebrities and mainstream media outlets raced to be the first  Twitter user to get 1,000,000 followers.  Ashton Kutcher won.  CNN was second.  Oprah featured Twitter on her show and started tweeting.  In just a few days she’s got … [Read more...]

What if They Say Bad Things About Me?

Many cities now have a Third Tuesday meet up groups.  The session in Toronto this week was moderated by Jeremy Wright of B5 Media. Dave Fleet posted about the Q and A session and he offers a perfect answer to the question that was raised: Q:  What do I do if people say bad things about me? A:  They already are - you’re just can’t hear them!  If there’s a problem … [Read more...]

Having Trouble Finding People on Twitter?

Several people have complained to me that they can’t find the search function in the new design layout and they’re having difficulty figuring out how to find people to follow on Twitter.  The solution is to use the directories that are spinging up - TwitDir or Twitterholic. According to several blog posts conparing the two services, TwitDir is the most accurate and … [Read more...]

Is Dell Hell Over?

Social media helps Dell recover from their online reputation crisisA new look at the Dell Hell case study by Market Sentinel shows that there is a slight improvement in customers’ feelings about Dell’s speed of service (up +4) and technical competence (up +1). This improvement is offset by increasing dissatisfaction with the policy of off-shoring technical support … [Read more...]