3 Digital Tools That Improve PR

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If the idea of technology invading the practice of PR freaks you out a little, perhaps all you need is a different perspective.  Yes, technology can be daunting, but it can also make your life a lot easier, help you achieve better results and demonstrate the value of your work. These three tools can do just that. A digital newsroom. There are many vendors out there … [Read more...]

Learn to Measure What Matters

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  September is AMEC’s Global Measurement Month with many events around the world focused on PR measurement.  The kick-off event was held in Hong Kong and addressed the touchy subject of AVE’s.  (Advertising Equivalency Values, where you measure the value of your media coverage by calculating how much an equivalent advertisement would cost.)  The event promised tips … [Read more...]

Making the Most of Your Social Media Content

In a recent analysis of social media use by large and small corporations across several sectors we found that less than twenty percent have buttons showing where else they have content.  And many of them don't carry a consistent branding and message through their blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. If you are not yet vigorously active on Facebook, take another look at … [Read more...]

Hello – Is that really you I’m talking to?

    Mitch Joel's post about the Death of Social Media suggests that when we treat social media like a traditional marketing channel we're killing the medium.  I agree. "The minute we (as a community) allow and accept traditional mass media tactics to pollute Social Media, is the minute that all is lost." He refers to the article about Ghost Blogging in the … [Read more...]

Women Bloggers Happy to Work with PR/Marketing

Over 1000 women bloggers gathered at BlogHer in Chicago this past weekend.  Despite some women bloggers feeling fed up with the pressure of approaches from PR people, the Ketchum survey of attendees found that one in four bloggers has provided marketers with information or feedback collected on their blogs to help the marketers address women. More than half (53%) of the … [Read more...]