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IBM's sees the need for social media intelligence - they've launched new software and created a new consulting practice dedicated to the emerging category of "Smarter Commerce," which focuses on helping companies swiftly adapt to rising customer demands in today's digitally transformed marketplace.  Read more >> Selling and social media: While marketing and customer … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News

A Social Media Policy Can Prevent Damage to Reputation Asian businesses are finding that there is risk in social media - "potential reputational damage" due to the disclosure of confidential business or inappropriate information on social media channels. A  social media policy can help keep employees on track.  It's about setting the tone for the way you do business and … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News


Are Likes the New Links? Hypertext links have served as the web's traffic signal network.  Links guide where our clicks, attention and, therefore, money flows. It has given rise to multi-billion-dollar businesses and even entire industries. Likes are explicit endorsements rather than implicit ones. Google and Bing aren't sitting on the sidelines of this new trend - both … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News

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Customize Your Google News Content Based on Search Queries Google News users are familiar with the color-coded categories on the left side bar. These categories include Top Stories, World, Business, Sports, etc. Now, Google News is giving you the ability to customize your categories based on a search query. Read the article>> The Need to Define Success You … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News


Social Signals That Are Affecting the Search Ranking of Your Content Search engines are using social content in their ranking algorithms now. This is the #1 trend in SEO in 2011 and the challenges for larger organizations is to have SEO specialists work more closely with other parts of a company or agencies working on online PR and social media initiatives.  Find out which … [Read more...]