Measurement, Analytics a Hot Skill

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Just this last week there were several articles in the news about the value of measurement and analytics. These are just a few of the stories published recently: Forbes: Data Science is the Key to Marketing ROI. This year alone, the U.S. is projected to absorb a shortfall of 190,000 data scientists — and that’s not even counting the 1.5 million more analysts and leaders … [Read more...]

Measuring Public Relations ROI


  The way we measure the ROI of PR is changing - at last.  Hopefully we may yet see the end of AVEs and start to see PR actions tied to business goals. We have the tools to track activity from PR content all the way through to conversion. It's up to the PR community to embrace these changes and learn the digital skills required to analyze and report this kind of … [Read more...]

Proving Value vs ROI in PR

2014 will see more emphasis on reporting PR results. Mark Weiner of Prime Research was a speaker at the recent PRSA 2013 Conference in Philadelphia.  His panel was about measurement, proving value and ROI. Proving Value Value is subjective.  It will be different from organization to organization and person to person. You need to establish the value equation  for your … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Daily News

5 Excuses Companies Give for Not Using Social Media From Marketing Profs - As a chief technology officer I often get asked to put together an organization’s strategic technology plan.  When I inquire about their current social media efforts I usually hear that they have a Facebook page. But when I visit the page, I see a page that hasn’t been touched by anyone other than … [Read more...]

Social Media ROI


"Many companies have yet to capitalize on social media's ability to not only listen to customers, but analyze conversations and turn the information into bottom-line benefit." So says SAS in the findings of their survey of 2100 companies: More than half of them are using social media. 75 percent did not know where their most valuable customers are talking about them. … [Read more...]