Search Engine Optimization – Position Zero and Featured Snippets

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  By Franki Falkow, Content Director, Meritus Media.   Google’s number one position in search results has long been a coveted position, but, when it comes to SEO, zero is the new number one. Google has a specific set of content guidelines that change regularly. It’s important to be aware of their latest updates and requirements, so your content is found … [Read more...]

Why Video is Vital in 2023

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By Cokey Falkow, Content Strategist for Meritus Media     Way back when the Internet first started it was almost exclusively text content.  It was restricted by the bandwidth available. But being that we are a visual species, the desire for visual content drove the development of greater and greater bandwidth. Back in 1995 predictions were made that in 20 … [Read more...]

How to do Marketing the Right Way in 2023 – Gary Vee

The basics of PR and marketing have not changed. The distribution channels and methods have changed- and they continue to change rapidly all the time. Gary Vee gives his insights into how a comms department should be thinking in 2023. "I'd rather have a piece of content go viral on TikTok than get a mention on Good Morning America - it's not even close." If your team is … [Read more...]

Plagiarism is a High-level Risk

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  Guest post by Britni Oscar Plagiarism is a high-level risk for any content but especially on the internet. especially for the one that is associated with the internet like freelancing, business websites, blogger, or other content marketing. This is because the search engine never compromises on the one that has the problem of plagiarism. In this article, we … [Read more...]